Trusted by teachers, parents, and grandparents. Loved by kids.

In just 10–15 minutes a day, three times a week, the award-winning Dilly’s Tree House will help you transform family time into a fun, face-to-face learning experience. Just open your monthly Tree House box, pull out the beautifully designed learning tools, choose the activity you want to do, and instantly engage in a curiosity-driven educational activity with your child. Whoosh! It’s simple.

Dilly’s Tree House empowers children to discover their strengths, practice critical kindergarten readiness skills, and develop a love of learning.

Dilly’s Tree House taps into children’s curiosity and sense of wonder by connecting play, imagination, and content to the real world.

Developed by authors and senior advisors who have worked for Disney, Mister Rogers, LeapFrog, K12, Crayola, PBS, McGraw-Hill, and Scholastic.

Stories, music, and fun, including a Tree House Treasure, delivered to your child every month.


Children love and relate to the InvestiGator Club® characters and adventures.

Created, tested, and approved by teachers, parents, grandparents, and kids.

Children learn best when they are moving, laughing, and interacting with caring adults — the important people in their lives.

Dilly’s Tree House is the family version of the award-winning InvestiGator Club® curriculum used in thousands of classrooms, childcare centers, and homeschools.

Prepare children for pre-K or kindergarten during quality family time — just 10 to 15 minutes, 3 times a week. It’s so easy.

Research-based, aligned to state and national early learning standards, and approved by state departments of education.

No mess, no junk, no waste. Every component is used over and over again and stores in its own stackable box.

Develop your child’s ability to think critically and solve problems while building vocabulary, literacy, math, and science skills.

Practice essential life skills, such as self-regulation, empathy, gratitude, focus, and attention.

We love donating superhero capes to kids who need a little boost. You’ll feel good knowing you are helping young superheroes bloom. Learn how you can empower a child by sharing Dilly’s Tree House with a friend.