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Meaningful Family Engagement

“As parents and educators, we know that kids are more motivated and attentive at school when valuable learning experiences are integrated at home. As creators of the award-winning InvestiGator Club® curriculum, we are thrilled that parents will now have simple tools to help them read, talk, and play together while continuing their child’s adventures at home. Dilly’s Tree House is the ideal family engagement solution for any early childhood program.”

— CEO Judi Coffey and the Dilly’s Tree House Team

Benefits of Dilly’s Tree House School Edition

Your classroom is humming with developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate children’s natural curiosity, get kids up and moving, and engage them in inquiry-based learning experiences. But what happens to all that great learning when the kids go home?

Now you have a way to extend that learning and make it stick by offering to families research-based tools that model and apply effective practices to everyday life.

When you offer Dilly’s Tree House:

  • you will be doing something truly remarkable for families.
  • children’s readiness skills and confidence will soar.
  • your program will stand out from all the rest.
  • you will be growing superheroes.

What is in each Dilly’s Tree House School Edition Pack?

  • A postcard from one of the InvestiGator Club characters
  • A Ready Set Go! Card describing the components and activities
  • A book focusing on one of the characters and a social-emotional skill, such as taking turns, sharing, or paying attention
  • An Adventure Shapers Story Kit
  • A Play and Learn Guide with 12 activities, enough for three 10-15 minute activities for families to do together each week
  • Dilly’s Music and Movement CD in Pack 1
  • Posters and stickers
  • Kindergarten Readiness Checklist
  • Online activities for kids and resources for families

How does the Dilly’s Tree House School Edition work?

  1. Dilly’s Tree House School Edition is a series of seven learning packs, each of which introduces one of the seven InvestiGators, a social-emotional focus, science and social studies topics, and readiness skills.
  2. The first set, Starring Dilly Gator, comes with its own Dilly’s Tree House purple drawstring backpack. Packs 2-7 are packaged in plastic bags rather than boxes.
  3. The School Edition includes the same learning products as the Dilly’s Tree House boxes with the exception of the Tree House Treasure.
  4. Packs are delivered to your classroom for distribution to your students at a time of your choosing.

You may also offer families the opportunity to subscribe to the regular Dilly’s Tree House boxes to be delivered directly to their homes.

Who should purchase the School Edition?

Dilly’s Tree House is appropriate for any preschool, pre-K, kindergarten, group, or family setting where children between the ages of 3 and 5 play and learn. It is not necessary to be an InvestiGator Club curriculum user, but it sure is great if you are!

  • Public and private preschools
  • Charter schools
  • Head Start and Early Head Start
  • Childcare chains
  • Park districts
  • Family support and home visiting organizations
  • Shelters
  • Faith-based preschools
  • Homeschool cooperatives
  • State and local departments of education
  • Military child development centers

School and Group Pricing

Contact us for school pricing, funding options, and details on Dilly’s Tree House, as well as for more information about The InvestiGator Club curriculum products for children from birth — kindergarten. We would love to chat and customize a plan for your unique program.